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Mediation Services

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What is Mediation and its Benefits?

Litigation can be a lengthy and costly process.  Court proceedings take their toll on the parties both financially and emotionally.  Mediation is a neutral, non-adversarial, dispute resolution option that helps facilitate a settlement between the parties.  Mediation does not have a guaranteed conclusion or final decision but rather is a negotiation between the parties, which the mediator facilitates.

What is a Special Master?

In complex cases, the parties can agree to, or the court can appoint, a Special Master (or referee) to help them move their case along.  Special Masters help the parties resolve discovery disputes or help settle some of the legal issues so the trial or remaining legal proceedings can be more efficient.

Special Masters often decide discovery disputes.  Usually, the Special Master will recommend a solution to the Court.  The Judge can accept the recommendation and make it a final order of the Court.

Parties can give the Special Master as much authority as they want.  This can make the process go faster.  Parties can also stipulate to make a Special Master’s decision on any issue “binding” or final.

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