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Mediation and Arbitration Services to Help You Move Forward

Serving Arizona and the greater Phoenix metropolitan area with expert mediation and arbitration services.

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About Premier Dispute Resolution

Premier Dispute Resolution provides mediation, arbitration, and special master services to help you move forward in your disputes.  Our mediators and arbitrators, Bill Bishop, Shawn Cunningham, and Cindy Ricketts, each has over 30 years of trial and arbitration experience representing clients in hundreds of matters and serving as mediators and arbitrators in scores of matters.  Each of our mediators and arbitrators has expertise in specific areas of the law including divorce and family law, medical malpractice, complex commercial litigation, and employment law as reflected in their individual resumes.


We value your privacy and Arizona law protects mediation confidentiality so everything is kept in mediation.


Helping you avoid the high costs and uncertainty of ongoing legal fees associated with litigation.

Less Stress

We collaborate to get a reasonable settlement for each party while saving parties from conflict and unnecessary stress.

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Our Approach to Mediation & Arbitration

Premier Dispute Resolution provides different approaches to mediation depending upon the individuals and their circumstances and collaborates with each party to obtain a reasonable outcome in the most economical and efficient manner.

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Mediation vs Arbitration

Mediation Services

Premier Dispute Resolution provides superior mediation services in Arizona and the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

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Arbitration Services

There is always the possibility that you do not reach agreements in mediation, or only agree upon some of the issues and not all of them. In cases where the parties do not reach an agreement on all issues through mediation, they are often left with having to go back to traditional litigation. In you do not reach agreements on all issues, and “if” the parties both agree, Premier Dispute Resolution can provide subsequent arbitration services.

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