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Our Arbitration Services

There is always the possibility that you do not reach agreements in mediation, or only agree upon some of the issues and not all of them. In cases where the parties do not reach an agreement on all issues through mediation, they are often left with having to go back to traditional litigation. In you do not reach agreements on all issues, and “if” the parties both agree, Premier Dispute Resolution can provide subsequent arbitration services. This can save you a tremendous amount of money and can usually be scheduled far more quickly than a traditional trial before the appointed judge.

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Arizona Premier Mediation

Arizona Premier Arbitration

Because Premier Dispute Resolution will already be aware of many of the facts and each parties’ positions following the mediation, we will be in an excellent position to act as your arbitrator. So long as the parties agree that all information and relevant documents have been presented and exchanged between them, Premier Dispute Resolution can schedule a time for each party to present their positions and evidence (as well as witness testimony) and decide all remaining issues that were not previously agreed to rather than you having to go to trial through the regular court process.  You of course do not have to decide whether you want to agree to utilize Premier Dispute Resolution as your arbitrator until after the mediation is concluded. As explained above, this option only applies if you are unable to agree upon every issue during the mediation.  In some cases, the parties resolve ‘almost’ every issue through mediation and only have one or two issues that need to be arbitrated.

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